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The x3850 X5 server allows freedom of choice with extremely flexibleconfigurations plus memory expansion capabilities. A modular buildingblock design lets you customize your system for current needs whileproviding the ability to react to changing workloads. Expand your 4-socket, 64-DIMM x3850 X5 to 4 sockets and 96 DIMMsor up to 8 sockets and 128 DIMMs. Reallocate resources asyour environment changes. The x3850 X5 meets your needstoday, while providing an easy, cost-effective upgrade path tochange your environment when you're ready. Eight-core processors and expanded memory capacity let youmanage memory-intensive applications with higher utilizationand greater throughput and bandwidth. Consolidate older 4U servers on one industry-leading IBMX-Architecture eX5 system for a lower total cost. Optimize your investmentswith more and larger virtual machines per server and lowerlicensing costs, while achieving greater business productivity.